Bass guitar - Paul

Bio to follow

Lead & Rythym guitar - Mick

Name:                                                                    Uh....Mick.......


Date of birth:                                                         05/03/1965


Place of Birth:                                                       Just past the Red escort


Favourite band/artsit:                                            Too many to mention.


Biggest Influence:                                                 Gravity


Favourite food:                                                      Mexican baby!


Favourite drink:                                                     Beer or Vodka


Favourite film:                                                      The Crow


Favourite T.V:                                                        Booooooooooooooooring


Favourite Sport/team:                                            UFC or driving stuff I suppose


Vehicle owned:                                                       Whatever


Favourite vehicle (money no object):                    Bugatti Veyron


Favourite holiday destination:                                America (NOT commercial US though) Specifically the South.


If you could buy one thing:                                     The Universe


Funniest thing you have ever seen:                   This changes daily


Previous bandís:                                                     Loads. Gypsy RoadHog (R.I.P. Andy Sutton.), Renegade were the most recent.


Ideal party guests (dead or alive):                         Stephen Fry is the main one that springs to mind. Mostly my friends and/or anyone who doesn't have an attitude.


Favourite quote:                                                     Where the falling angel meets the rising ape (Terry Pratchett)

Drums - Don

Bio to follow

Rythym Guitar/Lead Vocals - Neil

Name:                                                                    Big Neil


Date of birth:                                                         12/03/74


Place of Birth:                                                       Wigan UK


Favourite band/artsit:                                            Iron Maiden


Biggest Influence:                                                 Grandad


Favourite food:                                                      Chinese


Favourite drink:                                                     Coors & VB


Favourite films:                                                      Star Wars saga, Gremlins


Favourite T.V:                                                        Super league


Favourite Sport/team:                                            Rugby League / Wigan Warriors


Vehicle owned:                                                       Toyota Avensis


Favourite vehicle (money no object):                    The Millenium Falcon


Favourite holiday destination:                                Australia


If you could buy one thing:                                     The Millenium Falcon


Funniest thing you have ever seen:                       My mate smashing the tailgate window on his car while putting

                                                                                 My 4x12 guitar cabinet in there

                                                                                 After adamently stating that he knew exactly that it would fit and not to worry! Sorry Charlie


Previous bandís:                                                     The Edge, Gridlock, Audio Beefcake, Boogicide various other side



Ideal party guests (dead or alive):                         Randy Rhodes, My grandad, Ozzy Osbourne, Leslie Nielsen,

                                                                                 Bobcat Goldthwaite, Homer Simpson, Princess Leia, Keith Moon


Favourite quote:                                                     Of course i wonít and i do love you!!